Let's Work Together

We've built a simple four-step process to gather information, set a budget and enter into a working relationship.

1. Consultation

If you want to review your legal needs with a lawyer, please book a consultation. Not all new clients need a consultation. If you already know what legal services are needed, please pass Go and $300. 

2. Step One - New Client Intake Form

The first step is filling out our convenient online intake form. This form gathers the information we will need to open your file and prepare a Legal Services Agreement.

If you know which lawyer you wish to retain, please fill out their specific client intake form.

If you're not sure which lawyer is best suited to assist you, please fill out the general intake form below and we will assess which lawyer is best suited to assist you.

3. Step Two - Follow-Up and Budgeting

Once we review the information you provide and complete an initial conflicts check, we will reach out by telephone or email to gather any additional information we may need. We will discuss your matter and set out a budget for legal services. If you want to discuss this before filling out the New Client Intake Form, that's ok too. Just give us a call or send an email to hello@gosmall.ca. 

4. Step Three - Legal Services Agreement AND PAYMENT

Using information gathered in the first two steps, we will prepare and send you a Legal Services Agreement and gather payment information. Most of the time, you can review and sign this agreement online.


contact hello@gosmall.ca