Jeremy Hessing-Lewis, M.Sc., J.D.

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Hello World.

Life is too short to work with people who you don’t like. You should be able to deduce my professional qualifications by reviewing my LinkedIn profile and my service offerings. From there, you will still need to decide whether I’m actually a good fit for your business. How can I communicate a firm handshake and competent demeanor by way of pixels?

Please allow me to introduce myself.

Vancouver Grown

I was born in Vancouver. As evidence, I can fluently speculate about real estate, claim to have a “favourite” Stanley Cup Riot, and dress myself as if I am about to climb a mountain at any time. I enjoy running the seawall and worrying about earthquakes while listening to the New Pornographers and referencing Douglas Coupland’s early books. I spent a decade in other parts of the world to give me some perspective, but supernatural British Columbia really delivers.

Know-ing + do-ing

Lawyers are in the business of knowing abstract concepts and applying this knowledge in the interests of client advocacy. Our services tend to be described as “counsel” or “advice,” composed of phone calls, e-mails, and their associated attachments. Legal training is all about know-ing and not do-ing. The sole requirement to give advice is that someone asks. Good legal advice, however, requires that a lawyer grasp both the legal concepts and the underlying business context. Most lawyers are weak on the latter.

My legal services are informed by the makers, the do-ers, the scientists, the software developers, the engineers, and the entrepreneurs. Knowing their world means getting your hands dirty. Throughout my legal career, I have continued to work outside the practice of law. Whether managing marketing campaigns, working within technology sales teams, or pursuing academic research, this work makes me a better lawyer. It also helps me understand the underlying technology, financials, and organizational considerations that drive modern businesses.

Clickbait Q&A

Guilty Pleasure: Flashlights. The perfect combination of metaphor and technology.

Colour: Red. No, Blue!

Local Sports Team: The Rockford Peaches.

Favourite Beer: Yes, Please.