Jeremy Hessing-Lewis, MSc, JD


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I practice corporate law for small and medium-sized BC businesses. This means that I help people build and maintain their companies. Corporations are, after all, intended to allow people to do business in modern times. The rest is details. That's where I come in. While my work is ultimately driven by client needs, my services include the following:

  • Business structuring, incorporation, joint ventures and partnerships
  • Asset rollovers and other tax driven transactions
  • Sale and purchases of businesses and business assets
  • Technology, media & brand licensing
  • Protection of new and existing on-line businesses



Bread & Butter

I've always liked bread & butter. Simple, but good.  Lawyers are often guilty of crimes against simplicity because our livelihood depends on things being complicated. The law is not simple. It is never black and white. My hope is that for most businesses, law can at least be like bread and butter.

Small is Beautiful

Business is all about economies of scale. I agree entirely. Big business works perfectly for many things. Small business works better for many others. Some small businesses will grow, others are perfect just the way they are. Small is efficient. Small is sustainable. Small is beautiful.


Appendix A


J.D.  University of Ottawa, Law & Technology Option
M.Sc.  London School of Economics, Information Systems
Ba.Hon. Queen's University, Computer Science & Philosophy


I have worked for a national firm, as a sole-practitioner, and in-house for a Vancouver-based tech company. Throughout my legal career, I have practised a combination of business and technology law. Outside of my legal practice, I also run a legal technology consulting business, Appropriate Legal Technology, and am the Technical Director of Skunkworks Creative Group

Please see LinkedIn for a detailed listing of my experience.


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